Ventura/Foreman is a design and manufacturing studio made up of Ventura Clothing and Foreman Accessories.

They focus on non-seasonal, conceptual projects, with utilitarian design, informed by the low-tech industrial sewing machinery they use to manufacture their products at their South East London studio.

They also have a series of collaborative collections planned for the near future.

See a selection of their products below, and for more information or to buy items from this collection go to the Ventura/Foreman website or visit London store Swim XYZ.


SS18 Lookbook10-2SS18 Lookbook14SS18 Lookbook13SS18 Lookbook16SS18 Lookbook17SS18 Lookbook5SS18 Lookbook19SS18 Lookbook20SS18 Lookbook8SS18 Lookbook33SS18 Lookbook26SS18 Lookbook31SS18 Lookbook28SS18 Lookbook12-2SS18 Lookbook30

All photos courtesy of Ventura/Foreman, Photography by Alexander Mcluckie. 


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